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Gas Safe Registered, Experienced Heating Engineers

Established 2006

Specialising in power flushing and boiler installations, our team at Power Flushing Professionals have over 15 years’ experience when it comes to saving you money on your central heating. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

We serve customers across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire.

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Power Flushing Professionals

Are you looking for plumbing or heating specialists in Northamptonshire? If so, we have the team for you! Here at Power Flushing Professionals in Wellingborough, we’ve been saving customers money on their central heating systems for over 15 years. Our fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered through our sister company team are committed to providing excellent customer service and have many loyal customers that continue to choose us time after time. We always ensure that our work is carried out with professionalism and to the highest of standards. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our work! Need to arrange a power flush? Give our friendly team a call today to discuss your requirements.

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Have you recently changed your boiler?

Did you ask for a power flush? The sludge (black magnetite) and corrosion debris in the pipework and radiators can still find its way into your new boiler and lower its efficiency. Many manufacturers are now performing tests to ensure systems have been power flushed. Invalidation of warranty will be issued if a system fails the test.

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Are you someone who hasn't changed their central heating boiler system?

You may be considering sensibly investing in having a power flush. This can improve energy efficiency and rating of your central heating boiler system, without the unnecessary cost of having to re-new your whole system.


What is power flushing?

  • Power flushing is a resourceful way of eradicating the sludge corrosion debris that builds up over time in your central heating system.

  • Without power flushing your central heating system, this sludge gradually builds up, causing blockages in the pipework, and as a result they begin to corrode, pipework can split and radiators can pinhole.

  • This will extend the time it takes for your boiler to heat water and radiators.

  • Your boiler will decrease in energy efficiency and performance. This in turn increases your energy bills and renders it inefficient.

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Getting Warmer

Boiler Installation 

Have you noticed a difference in your boiler? Is it no longer working efficiently as before? Talk to Power Flushing Professionals today! Our heating engineers can carry out expert boiler installations, making sure you’re getting the most out of your system. We can take care of all your boiler and central heating requirements.

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Signs Your Central Heating May Need A Power Flush

If your central heating has any of the following symptoms, it's likely to need a power flush! These problems are result of internal corrosion and sludge forming within your central heating system. Power Flushing is the only way to give your system a new lease of life.

Noticed the symptoms above in your central heating system? Give Power Flushing Professionals A Call Today For A Free Quote!

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