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Power Flushing Services

Saving you money on your central heating

Is your central heating system in your home not working to its full capacity? Over time they can start to perform less efficiently due to the natural build-up of rust and limescale. Book a professional power flush with our team to get it back up and running to its full potential! We serve customers across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire.

Power Flushing Services: Welcome

Starting from just £250

Having your central heating system cleansed can bring it up to its optimum efficiency level and improve its effectiveness by more than 35%. Power flushing is a resourceful way of upgrading the energy efficiency of your central heating system, without having to pay the costly expense of renewal


Cleans and protects your central heating system.   

Increases radiator lifespan.

Increases boiler lifespan.

Better heat exchanger performance.

Quieter operation.

Restores your central heating system energy efficiency.

Reduces energy bills.


A power flush cleanses inaccessible elements of your central heating system. The PROCESS can be completed in one visit, and will leave your system clean and protected from further corrosion.

A Clean Boiler Is A Happy Boiler

It is important to ensure your system is power flushed, and imperative if you're planning on replacing your boiler. Manufacturers benchmark scheme requires that the system be thoroughly cleansed to British Standard BS77593. In the event of a boiler breakdown under warranty, manufacturers are testing systems for Total Dissolved Solids (sludge and other debris) contaminating the central heating water. If TDS is found in your system, the warranty of your boiler will be made invalid.

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Book Your Power Flush Today

Here at Power Flushing Professionals we have over 15 years of experience when it comes to power flushing and boiler installations, so there isn't much that we haven't come up with a solution for! Our reliable and dedicated team are on hand to talk through your requirements. For a free quote call us today on 07519 920278 or 01933 779376.

Power Flushing Services: Services
Power Flushing Services: Services
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What Happens During A Central Power Flush?

1. The central heating power flush pump is connected into the heating system, preferably in the pump position but can also be placed across the tails of a radiator. This method is usually used when the boiler has an internal circulation pump.

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For Expert Power Flushing in Northamptonshire, Call us today on 07519 920278 or 01933 779376
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